Monsu is a highly polished free to play endless runner. If that sentence bored you to tears, then you may as well stop reading now, because this game definitely isn't for you.

But if you're open to another cartoony gold collector with a few tricks up its sleeve, then Monsu is worth a look. It's eminently playable, good looking, and snaps along at a decent pace.

There's nothing startlingly original here, but a card-collecting mechanic lets you tailor your running experience, and there's a smoothness to proceedings that makes you want to push on.


You play a monster chasing the rascals who've run off with your gold. Everything is controlled with taps. Tap once to jump, tap twice to double jump. And that's basically it.

There's gold to snaffle as you pelt along, and enemies to bounce on as well. Spikes, big holes, and other traps also try and stop your sprint.

The twist is you've got three card slots. These can be equipped with a variety of different collectible monsters. To start with you get a bee that stings foes, a special move that lets you fire out spears when you double jump, and a dinosaur you can ride if you catch the right power-up.

You unlock new cards with the game's currencies and by completing missions. I've got a yeti that freezes bad guys every seven seconds, and a lady bug that drops shields.

What a card

It all makes for a neat but unremarkable adventure. There's always something to do, with new missions dropping every time you finish one, and achievements that get you extra gold when you complete them.

Monsu is definitely worth a bash. It's shiny through and through, and while the free to play mechanics are a bit annoying, they don't get in the way too much.

If you fancy a new runner, then Monsu is probably as good as any you'll find on the App Store.