Sukeban Games is hoping to bring VA-11 HALL-A, its cyberpunk bartending sim, to iOS, Android, and Vita.

It's a game in which you mix drinks according to the preference of each customer, and then talk them through personal, political, and social issues.

It takes place in a "post-dystopian" future, you see. The people are being oppressed: corporate nanomachines monitor them while White Knights bring in the brute force when needed.

As you might expect, then, these people need a stiff drink at the end of a hard day - you're their respite.

It plays like a visual novel but has a performative element to it when mixing drinks. You have the choice to do each one correctly or falsely, changing the mood of the customer.

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Sukeban told me that the game would be coming to PC and iPad in December. Android and iPhone versions will be worked on after that initial release.

The studio is also hoping to bring the game to Vita before the end of the year, but the certification process means that's not certain. It's definitely happening at some point, though.

Sukeban released the Prologue of VA-11 HALL-A for PC already. It gives you a taste of what to expect.

You can find more information about VA-11 HALL-A on its website.