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Well, well, well. Oh, no it's not a well, it's a submerged dystopia populated by drug-crazed mutants and giant drill-fisted terrors. I guess Bioshock has just turned up on the New Zealand App Store.

That means the Unreal-powered classic should be making its way to the UK at midnight tonight, so you don't have much longer to wait to get your greasy mitts on it.

It's not going to come cheap though. Or small. The game will take up at least 1.65 GB of your iPad or iPhone's memory, and it'll set you back £10.49 / $14.99. Still, that's for one of the finest shooters ever made.

If you've never heard of Bioshock before, it's an FPS set in an underwater city that deals with big clever ideas while also letting you fire swarms of bees from your fingers. Something for everyone, really.

We've already had some fingers-on time with the game, which you can read about here. And we had an argument about whether you should play the game on an iPhone, or whether you shouldn't bother. Which was fun.

So keep your eyes on the App Store at midnight tonight in the UK, when Bioshock should stomp and stumble along.