Alone is a super-sharp one-finger arcade space blast from the developer behind Silver Award-winning PUK. And it's set to hit the App Store this Thursday.

The game starts with you controlling a tiny spaceship that's shooting through a tunnel of collapsing rock. Move your finger down to go up, move your finger up to go down. Race a certain distance and you'll unlock the next level.

You can swap the controls round if you want, but either way you're weaving your way through tumbling debris, sharp edges, and later on what look like rockets. Because nothing is ever simple.

It's tough as old boots, it looks gorgeous, and it's got that simple-to-pick-up, hard-to-put-down loop that the finest twitchy dodgers boast.

Alone is set to hit the App Store this Thursday, and should be heading to Android and Ouya at some point after that as well.