DeNA and developer Kung Fu Factory have released free to play physics-based multiplayer action game Pirate Bash onto iOS and Android today.

The easiest way to describe it is to compare it to Angry Birds, except you take it in turns with the pigs (pirates in this case) to fire at each other.

You build up a pirate crew and then take on other crews in physics-based battles across a high seas adventure. Your goal is to have the biggest and baddest crew on land and water.

Essential to this process is winning battles by depleting the health of the opposing team before they take out all of your pirates.

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As with Angry Birds, the pirates have different weapons that are all fired by drawing a line out from them, and then adjusting for power and angle.

In my first crew, one pirate threw a barrel of explosives that I could blow up in mid-air by tapping the screen.

Another pirate fired arrows that could be split into two while in the air. These mechanics will be familiar to Angry Birds players.

As you roam the colourful islands, you'll face skeletons and ninjas, as well as many other allies to recruit. You'll also want to look out for treasure and gear to upgrade your crew with.

Pirate Bash allows you to connect with Facebook and challenge your friends's pirate crews in PvP battles, too. Your goal here will be to climb the online leaderboards.

There will also be limited time only events and seasonal content keeping the game afloat over the coming months.

You can download Pirate Bash for free on the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] right now.