The new Oceanhorn: Game of the Year Edition is out today, on iPhone and iPad. And it adds a huge whack of new content onto the end of the game.

The problem is that you need to have finished the main story to play this new stuff. Which is fine, as long as the game is still on your device, or you still have your old save game.

But if you don't, you needn't start the game over from scratch. Just download this 100 percent complete save file and you'll be able to jump right into the new content.

Oceanhorn 100 percent save file - 1.1MB zip (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)

To install it first download the game and open it up once. Then force quit the game by opening multitasking (double tap the home button) and killing the game (swipe the Oceanhorn video off the top of the screen).

Then open iTunes, find your iPhone or iPad in the left column, and choose the 'apps' tab from the top. Scroll down to find the 'File Sharing' section.


Find Oceanhorn, and you'll see your save game under documents. Select all the files and drag them to a folder on your hard drive to act as a backup. Then delete them off your iOS device.

Now open the zip file from above, and drag all the files into the empty Oceanhorn documents area. Wait until they've all copied across and then unplug your device.

Save game

Open up Oceanhorn, and find your new save game. Load it up and you'll be in Tikarel, and should chat to the girl (I think?) on the pier to start the new quest. Good luck!