The 20th Commonwealth Games has just kicked off in Glasgow.

Think it's just a bunch of former British colonies racing each other around a track? Think again.

It's actually the fourth largest multi-sport event in the world, and like the Olympics and the World Cup, it only happens every four years.

There are a number of quirky features to any Commonwealth Games that makes it stand out from the Olympics.

There's the fact that the constituent British nations get to compete separately. There's also the presence of obscure sports that relatively few around the world - or even within the Commonwealth - will be entirely familiar with.

With that in mind, we thought we'd suggest some iOS games that capture the unique spirit of the Commonwealth Games.

International Track & Field
By Konami

It's perhaps apt that we start with the track and field sports that everyone associates with the Commonwealth Games.

International Track & Field is a resurrection of the legendary button-mashing series that gave us all sore fingers back in the day. Rhythmically mash your way to victory in 100m Dash, 110m Hurdles, Long Jump, Hammer Throw, and Pole Vault events.

Then watch real people do it on TV and hang your head in shame.

Super Badminton
By Rolocule Games

The words "super badminton" might make you scoff, but I assure you - there's no hint of smirking irony here. Super Badminton is a serious take on that most genteel of racquet sports.

More importantly to this feature, it's a sport enjoyed my many of the Commonwealth nations, so it's time to smash that shuttlecock.

Extreme Lawn Bowls
By Mediatonic

If the thought of "super badminton" had you chuckling, then "extreme lawn bowls" should have you in stitches. And this time, it's fully intended.

This is a lovably daft take the sport that supplants old fashioned middle-class English stuffiness with crazy power-ups and cartoony protagonists.

It might be a challenge to tear your attention away when your nation's elite lawn bowls representative lines up on the rink at the Commonwealth Games.

Rugby Nations '13
By Distinctive Developments

Wait, they play rugby at the Commonwealth Games? Why, yes they do. Kind of.

Rather than the full-on 15 vs 15 slug fest of your average rugby union competition, a faster 7-a-side brand called Rugby Sevens is played.

Except, there's no decent Rugby Sevens game on iOS as yet, so you'll just have to play Rugby Nations '13. And maybe squint a bit.

Table Tennis Touch
By Yakuto

It's a bit of a stretch to call table tennis a niche sport when the most populous country on earth calls it a national sport, and when you can play it in pretty much any youth club or leisure centre around the world.

But it's also true that many people view it more as an easy-going leisure activity on a par with pool or darts. A sport for people who don't run.

Of course, tune into the Commonwealth Games and you'll see just how fast and athletic a sport it can be. Table Tennis Touch, meanwhile, is one of the best iOS sports games of recent times, and a fitting tribute to a very skilful sport.

So there.