The game most like Adonis Software's upcoming iOS puzzler Watercolors is actually one of my favourites.

I'm talking about the Gold Award-winning LYNE.

Watercolors is similar in that it tasks you with drawing lines from one point to another. You pull the lines through a grid that only has certain paths open up for you to use.

The main difference is revealed in Watercolor's title. Yep, you're dragging paint through these grids instead of shapes.

The neat little mechanic that this allows is for you to mix the colours to create new ones as you solve the puzzle. So you might need to mix yellow and blue to create green, for instance.

This can create a problem for you if you don't plan ahead. You see, once you've mixed a colour you can't take it back.

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Sometimes you'll need the original primary colour to beat the puzzle. If you mix it too early then you'll have to go back some moves or reset the level.

You're also challenged to complete each level with just one brush stroke (not taking your finger off the screen). If you manage it then you get three stars for that level.

Watercolors has a lot of levels that I haven't even got close to unlocking yet - you do so by beating a prerequisite number of levels.

It will have plenty to offer to fans of puzzle games like LYNE when it arrives on iOS on July 1st, then.

If can't wait those few days, then you can request to get a free level right now from Adonis over on the Watercolors website.