Updated on September 8th, at 10:06: Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake was recently patched and updated, which fixed a few bugs that would stop you from finishing the game.

With those nuisance glitches out of the way, we have been able to finish up this guide. That includes solutions for levels 3-2C and 4-10, and the last three messages in bottles (below).

With this guide you can now get three stars on every level, and unlock every achievement on Game Center for a total of 450 points. Your parents will be so proud.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake follows Niko on his sweet and sickly saga of vengeance against the Boogins who nicked his yummy dessert.

He, and a bunch of significantly more friendly monsters, will traipse across Gogapoe Island, solving logic puzzles and winning back his cake: slice by delicious slice.

In this complete guide, we'll teach you how to beat every mission, complete all the side-quests, find all the costumes, and more.

Main missions

These pages feature three-star solutions for each puzzle, as well as step-by-step guides to the sidequests you must finish to unlock bonus levels.

Nogport Meadows Powder Peaks Nogport Meadows - Powder Peaks

Apricot Acres The Deadlands

Apricot Acres - The Deadlands

Niko costumes


Niko can change costumes to unlock new powers - some of which are needed to complete certain quests. Other costumes invoke more subtle changes, or are purely cosmetic.

Niko's PJs - This nightwear suit can be bought from any shop in the game for 15 coins. It doesn't give you any special powers.

Sneako-Niko Outfit - This fetching ninja costume can be bought from any shop in the game for 15 coins. It doesn't do anything when you double tap Niko.

Finn Outfit - You can get this Adventure Time suit by sneaking into an abandoned house in Gogapoe Village.

Gaming system

Walk through one of the bushes behind Lizzy and her badger, and enter this secret house. Inside is a key, which opens a nearby treasure chest. You'll find a game boy inside which lets you buy the Finn suit for 15 coins.

Gnome Outfit - This silly suit doubles the value of any coin that Niko and his monster friends pick up. Here's how to find it.

Sweat pepper

After visiting level 4-K, talk to Hugo to get the sweat pepper.


Give it Krackles in 4-K to get a cricket.

Fishermen cricket

Give the insect to the fishermen on the dock in Gogapoe Island to get a red mushroom. Now you can buy the gnome outfit from any shop for 30 coins.

Heartroot Mask - This spooky mask lets Niko emulate the powers of Poot, so he can now stun enemies, shrink stabweed, and make mushrooms rise up from the ground.

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First things first, you need to open the treasure chest in level 1-2H. Inside is Tree Beef, which is a mystical wood enchanted with the power of the Heartroot or something.

Heartroot Mask

Now you can buy the Heartroot Mask from any shop for a mere 30 coins.

Bubblefish Suit - When wearing this fetching green suit, Niko can float in mid-air inside a bubble. It's not massively useful, but you'll need it to solve certain puzzles.

Astrid Shoe

Start by heading to 3-11 in Apricot Acres and opening the treasure chest. You'll find Astrid's shoe inside. Give the shoe to the little girls in Gogapoe village to get a rubber duck.


Give the duck to Awky in Level 3-A and he'll give you a smelly jellyfish.


Give this jellyfish to the fishermen on the dock in Gogapoe Village and you'll get a Bubblefish scale. Now you can buy the Bubblefish costume in any shop for 30 coins.

Badger Suit - This handy suit lets Niko tunnel through dirt, this emulating the power of Claude and Terrance.


Once you unlock world three, Izzy (the girl in the southwest corner of the village) will ask you to find four pots of honey to cure her sick badger. The honey can be found in levels 2-1C, 3-5, 3-6, and 3-13.

Badger Suit

Give the honey to Izzy and the badger will cough up a hairball. With this, you can now buy the badger suit from any shop for 30 coins.

Unihorn Suit - This handy horned suit gives you the same powers as Groggnar, letting Niko headbutt tree trunks and enemies.

Midna snowcones

After completing level 4-E (the final stage), go back to the village and talk to Midna. She'll request three snow cones, which can be found in treasure chests in levels 2-1A, 3-12, and 4-12.


Give these to Midna and she'll give you an item that lets you buy the unihorn suit from any shop for 30 coins.

Visage of Morvoth - This scary suit lets you zap enemies. It's not terrifically useful, but it certainly looks cool. Here's how to get it.

After level 3-10 you can see portals to the dark world. Enter these to find five wisps (they look like skulls). You can find them in levels…










And behind the bakery, in Gogapoe Village. You'll need to walk through a secret gap, as seen above.


Give the five wisps to Atlus to get the Dark Essence. Now you can buy the Visage of Morvoth from any shop for 30 coins.

Alternate monsters


You will unlock all the main monsters as you work through the main game. But you can also unlock alternate monsters, with the same powers, if you want to swap your team around. Here's how to get them.

Terrance - This guy can swap places with the burrowing rabbit Claude.


Your first job is to get four yumberries for Mrs. Eva. These can be found in levels 2-1, 2-5, 2-6, and 2-7 - all in Powder Peaks. She'll give you a yumberry tart.


Give the tart to Rufus. In return he'll hand you the key to the graveyard.


Enter the graveyard and pick up the key that's hidden behind the dug grave. Open the chest and get the rusty shovel.


Now head to level 3-T in Apricot Acres and use the shovel on the patch of dirt to unlock Terrance.

Wattson - This monster-like machine can swap places with Eek, and still provide a shrill scream that shatters crystals and stuns Boogins.

Yuck chuck

First, buy medicine (Smooth Chuckin') from the shop in Powder Peaks. Give it to Yuck-Chuck in 2-Y to get a dead battery.


Return to the village and give the dead battery to Nibbins (in the house near Fia and Astrid). He'll charge it up.


Finally, give the battery to the monster in 2-W to welcome Wattson onto your team. Elementary, my dear.

Pip - This weird one-eyed monster can replace Biff the yeti, for all your water freezing and lava cooling needs.

Eery gem

After opening world four, buy Algae Joe from the shop. Give it to Ollie to get the eery gem.


Give the gem to Pip in 4-P and he'll join your crew.

Secret Monster - A special monster can be used to replace Groggnar. You'll unlock this crew member by finishing level 4-E: the final stage in the game.

Messages in bottles

Message 1

Message Bottle 1
You'll find this bottled note in Niko's house, to the right of his bed. If you can't find his house in Gogapoe village, just follow the trail of cake crumbs.

Message 2

Message Bottle 2
Inside Atlus's house, to the north of Gogapoe Village. This one's on the kitchen table.

Message 3

Message Bottle 3
Also inside Atlus's house. You'll find this one next to the bed.

Message 4

Message Bottle 4
You'll find this one inside Nibbin's house, which is behind Fia and Astrid in Gogapoe village.

Message 5

Message Bottle 5
This message is found in level 1-1A. Dig into the dirt at the top of the level as Claude or Terrance and then drag your finger through the back of the hedge, as seen above, and pop up in the top right corner to reach the bottle.

Message 6

Message Bottle 6
To get this bottle you need Niko to be wearing the Bubblescale suit. In level 1-1H get Poot to the south of the level. Have him stand on the left button and toot to make the left and centre mushroom platforms appear.

Have Niko stand on the middle mushroom, and double tap the screen to float in mid-air. Then move Poot around to the right button and toto to make the right and centre mushrooms pop up. Let Niko fall down, and walk right to get the bottle.

Message 7

Message Bottle 7
In level 2-1B, use Eek and Biff to get Claude (or Terrance) over to the digging spot on the left side of the map. Drag your finger through the hedge, as seen above, to reach the area in the top left corner with the bottle.

Message 8

Message Bottle 8
In level 2-7, use Biff, Niko, and Eek to get Groggnar over to the right side of the screen. Use his charge attack to smash the tree stump so you can reach this bottled message.

Message 9

Message Bottle 9
This message is easy to find. It's simply sitting to the right of the campfire in 2-W.

Message 10

Message Bottle 10
In 3-1A have Niko stand on the button between the two Boogins to retract the spikes below Groggnar.

Make Groggnar charge down to smash the tree trunk. Then go all the way right, and then charge left to smash the other tree trunk.

You've now made a path for Claude to get to the mud directly above the message in a bottle. Dig down and move through the hedge to pop up and grab the bottle.

Message Bottle 11

Message Bottle 11
This bottle is in the Dark World version of level 3-2A and requires Niko to be wearing the Unihorn suit.

Once you reach the portal to the Dark World, use Poot and Biff to get Niko to the tree trunk on the right. Charge into it, and then waltz into the clearing and grab the bottle.

Message Bottle 12

Message Bottle 12
In 4-12, use Niko, Poot, and Prizzy to move the lower portal cube upwards. Now, Biff can walk freely from the left to right and freeze the pool of lava on the right.

Finally, allow Poot to walk up and grab the final bottled message in Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake.

Other quests Hugo

Hugo will give you an easy 50 coins for finding three shpooplefruit. You can find them in treasure chests in 1-3, 1-10, and 1-1A.

Niko house

Inside Niko's house, follow the cake trail in the kitchen to find a secret room to the south. Grab the key and use it on the treasure chest next to Niko's bed to grab a few coins.


Look in the tent in 2-W to get a message for the professor's son. Give it to Nibbin back in the village to get a handful of coins.