Heli Hell is a shoot-'em-up for people who struggle with the genre.

Shoot-'em-ups are notoriously challenging. They require us to react fast, learn complex patterns of bullets, and master how to use power-ups effectively.

Heli Hell is a little more accessible than that. No more is this obvious than in its controls. You need just one finger on the screen to guide your chopper around the vertically scrolling levels. That's it - nothing more.

If you line your chopper up with enemy aircraft and boats, then it'll fire at them automatically. This allows you to focus on dodging when you need to.

Heli Hell

As this is a free-to-play game, you're able to upgrade your weapons and buy new ones with in-game gold. You can earn it by shooting enemies down, or you can make use of the IAPs.

Heli Hell is also quite a pretty game. It's almost a shame that you have to light up the sunny islands and sparkling blue seas with fiery orange explosions.

You'll be able to download Heli Hell for free once it arrives on the UK and US App Stores at midnight.