Simogo has released an image of 'visual inspirations' for its next game. You can see it right above this paragraph. Why not have a gander and then come back and read the second paragraph. It'll wait, I promise.

You might have spotted Tom Waits in there, and a still from the film Girl, Interrupted. Maybe some other stuff caught your eye, I don't know, it's your eye.

The image was part of a blog post, and was captioned with the words "the ocean is filled with tears". Which is a line from a Tom Waits song. Maybe Simogo is making a Tom Waits bio-game?

Anything from Simogo, the dev behind Year Walk, DEVICE 6, and Beat Sneak Bandit, is enough to get us all hot under the collar here at Pocket Gamer.

As soon as we hear anything about the game that this visual inspirations board is inspiring, we'll be sure to let you know.