No, Here Be Dragons isn't the spin-off to the slightly disappointing Here Be Monsters HD. It seems much more promising than that.

Here's the concept: You're exploring terra incognita like a regular Columbus, but these lands are dangerous, and fraught with monsters.

To survive and continue your journey, you'll need to enter the "worst" taverns to find the baddest warriors. After hiring them, you then traipse across an ancient map, tackling beasts and finding treasures.

It's a mix of strategic combat and an adventure game, then.

It seems you'll have plenty of routes to take, and several options to consider at each kink in the road. Some political, others barbaric.

Here Be Dragons

You'll need to sell artifacts (illegally), and spend time researching materials in order to equip your team with better equipment and weapons. And it's not just knights that you'll need - bishops, ship captains, and a cook are also essential.

The range of enemies seems vast, too. Leviathans, kraken, mermaids, and cultists are all mentioned. Insanity and diseases will also need to be avoided. And you'll clash with authorities, settlers, and pirates.

Here Be Dragons has a lot going on. And it's all wrapped up in a friendly-looking presentation. It seems to have style and substance.

Here Be Dragons will be coming to iPad and Android tablets. There's more information on the game's website.