The mobile version of Final Fantasy VI can't stop drawing controversy to itself.

A major bug was discovered (and confirmed) in playthroughs that causes the game to irreparably freeze at roughly the halfway point of the story.

We've tried every trick in the book here at PG HQ to sidestep the bug - disabling wi-fi, enabling it in the middle of the game, Quick Save scumming, etc. - all to no avail.

Since the bug occurs during a rather pivotal plot scene, we'll leave out the specifics - but it happens shortly after the events in Thamsa lead you to Strago and Relm.

Square Enix acknowledged the bug, and detailed the following "forthcoming" fixes on FFVI's Google Play listing.

  • The game no longer crashes during the cutscene showing the fight between Kefka and General Leo.
  • The icon for Sabin's Blitz ability now displays correctly.
  • A misspelling of the term "Esper" has been corrected.

We alluded to the isolated misspelling of Esper in our review of Final Fantasy VI, and can only guess (or hope!) that the line item for Sabin's Blitz techniques means that the combos will be added to the menu screen so, y'know, players can actually use them.

World of unbalance

While we were rather impressed with the changes that Square Enix added to this port - Cyan is actually useful now! - we also noted that "It smacks of a rush job".

If you're already hours into FFVI, you can make the most of the bug and travel around the Thamasa area grinding for AP, XP, and Gil - just don't wander too far into the Esper's Cave or you'll run into the cutscene that triggers the freeze.

Hopefully Square Enix is quick to implement the fixes detailed on the Google Play page. We'll keep you updated when we hear more on it.

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