The idea at the heart of Inoqoni is a simple, elegant one. Each bite-size stage of this puzzle-platformer features a magic mirror that lets you reverse the level. The twist is, anything in front of the mirror is carried on to the other side.

Can't reach the button that unlocks the door to the next level? Push a box over to the mirror and when the level warps it'll join you on a platform at the other side, ready to give you the leg-up you need to tap the switch and continue.

It's a taxing, teasing sort of a game, and while it's never super-difficult, some of the later levels are pretty tough going.

Mirror, mirror

You play as a young girl who's chasing a butterfly and finds herself trapped in an old mansion. Each of the rooms of the mansion takes up a single screen, and you need to find a way to get the little girl through the door and onto the next puzzle.

Arrows at the bottom left of the screen let you move left and right, and two buttons at the bottom right of the screen let you jump and use the magic mirror.

Early on you'll be pushing boxes into the mirror and then jumping onto them to protect yourself from spikes at the other end, as well as making last-second switches as you leap past the mirror from a tower of piled-up stones.

There are rewards for finishing levels quickly, and a butterfly to collect on each as well. These flighty creatures disappear quickly once you've drawn them out, and you need them to unlock later levels, so you'll have to be on your toes to grab them before they flutter off.

See you on the other side

Inoqoni is a decent little game, with some neat touches and a clever central mechanic that makes you think a little differently. There's a good chunk of levels too, and it's unlikely you're going to perfect them all on your first runthrough.

It looks a bit samey after an hour or so of play, and the difficulty level jumps in places, but there's still enough here to make Inoqoni worth some of your precious free time.