'KingHunt' may be quite difficult to say in public, but the game itself is out right now in New Zealand. This means it'll be going live on the UK and US App Stores at midnight tonight.

The best way to describe Mountain Sheep's new game is this: "Fruit Ninja gets in a fight with a light gun game in a weird cartoon world."

Actually, that might be the worst way to describe it.

Stuff bounces out from every corner of the screen, and it's up to you to slash it to bits with your finger.

Alas, the stuff fights back, scratching at you if you don't slice fast enough and eating away at your life bar.

There are various podgy warriors to cut into chunks, then. By slicing them in groups, you earn combo bonuses and feel better about yourself.

There's a storyline woven into the game, too, so you're constantly moving on, hacking up giant boss characters, and generally having a decent amount of good-looking arcade fun.

KingHunt will set you back 69p / 99c when it surfaces on the UK and US App Stores at midnight tonight.

In the meantime, you can check out an interview with Mountain Sheep on KingHunt right here.