Nintendo is trying to make the best of Cyber Monday by announcing yet another 3DS XL bundle. It's the one that we deserve too, in this... The Year of Luigi.

If you have $199.99 (about £122) to spare, then you can pick up a limited-edition silver Nintendo 3DS XL featuring Mario and Luigi running across the front.

It also comes with the Gold Award-winning Mario & Luigi: Dream Team pre-installed.

If you're up for making a bit of a saving, then Best Buy is currently selling this 3DS XL for $179.99 as part of its sales. This price will likely go up after today.

Mario & Luigi 3DS XL

The first themed 3DS XL that Nintendo introduced back in October came with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds pre-installed. If you can still find it, that 3DS XL is available for $219.99.

The second one was the Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon themed 3DS XL that was announced last week. That is also the cheapest of the three, selling at $169.99.

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