Slamjet Stadium developer Alistair Aitcheson is inviting EVERYONE to his touchscreen party in his latest Windows 8 game Tap Happy Sabotage!

A finalist for Intel's App Innovation 2013, Tap Happy Sabotage! is a party game for up to 52 players. It's all about getting physical and playing dirty on a 27-inch touchscreen.

You and the 51 other players are each assigned a target card that you must try to find among the selection of cards that move around the screen. By touching the target card, you earn a point.

You all each have a sabotage card, too, that - when touched - will instantly wipe out all of the points you've earned.

Tap Happy Revenge!

There are some subtle variations in the gameplay available, by the way. In one mode, for example, you need to touch three cards simultaneously to win.

And if you were wondering, yes, pushing, blocking, and screaming are all valid tactics.

Aitcheson will be showcasing Tap Happy Sabotage! for Windows 8 tablets at various gaming events in the near future.

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