Stellar Wars takes the core concept laid down by the fantasy-themed Legendary Wars and blasts it into space, replacing knights with robots and pimple-covered goblins with slavering aliens.

That's not the game's only trick, thankfully - it also packs in plenty of challenge, welcome enhancements, and some excellent presentation.

However, much has remained untouched since Legendary Wars graced our screens. The lane-based battlefield is back, with your forces starting from the left and the enemy's drifting in from the right.

Resources - in this case, ore and crystals - must be collected in order to create new units, and in-between missions you can upgrade your robots to ensure victory comes that little bit swifter next time around.

Robot rock

Orders can be given simply by tapping a unit and then directing it to where you want it to go, but you can marshal your entire android army using three simple commands - advance, stop, and retreat.

This makes it easier to respond to quick changes in the state of battle. Also of use are drops from friendly ships, which can either bolster your defences or rain fire on your foes. Like your units, the drops you have access to can be tinkered with and expanded.

Stellar Wars also features side-scrolling shooter sections which revolve around blasting asteroid and aliens while collecting various resources. These are pretty simple affairs and certainly won't have bullet-hell fans sweating, but they serve as a neat change of pace.

What's yours is mine

The entire package is wrapped up in some deliciously eye-catching presentation. The visuals are a cut above those seen in Legendary Wars, with robot and alien designs looking especially impressive.

The soundtrack is also high quality, with plenty of beeps and chirps, which suit the robotic protagonists perfectly.

Some of the problems that affected Legendary Wars remain, however. The introduction of commands for your whole squad are welcome, but you still have to micromanage on some of the trickier levels - something which is easier said than done when the field of battle is packed with units.

This shortcoming aside, Stellar Wars really does build on what has gone before, providing hours of tactical entertainment.