You may be happy just floating on the cel-shaded blue waves and staring at the golden sunrise in Lowboat. But the heart of this "stealth-survival-horror-exploration" game is to be found deep below.

Lowboat is set across a series of days, in which you'll potentially travel across half the world and explore the seas in a submarine.

You're invited to explore a wide stretch of ocean every day, and there will be objectives that emerge as you do. For example, a vessel from outer space falls into the ocean at one point, and you'll need to investigate it.

What you'll probably spend most of your time doing is avoiding huge stingrays, sharks, and massive whales that may attack you on sight.

Avoiding these terrifying creatures isn't easy, for some of the flora and rocks floating in the water 'mimic' the shapes of these creatures at times.

Fortunately, your submarine is able to camouflage itself, too. Find a solid object and you can cover your vessel in its colour, as if it was an underwater chameleon. You should go unnoticed if you keep still.

Exploration in Lowboat is treacherous, then. You can head deep down, even going into the abysses that lie below the seabed, but it's a risk.

Lowboat is expected to surface for iPhone and iPad in early 2014. We'll be keeping an eye on its continued development, of course.