Whether it's Samurai Siege, Total Conquest, Dungeon Keeper, Jungle Heat, or Call to Arms, it seems like everybody's making games that are inspired by Clash of Clans these days.

But here's one more developer jumping on the bandwagon: Clash of Clans creator Supercell itself.

Its new game, Boom Beach, is another free-to-play game about building a base, fortifying it from enemy attack, and recruiting troops to tackle enemy fortifications. You can attack computer-controlled islands, or go after other players.

It's very similar to Clans, then, but this time Supercell's dropped Norse warriors in favour of tiny soldiers.

Boom Beach

The battles take place on tropical islands and, as suggested by the name, you enter the fight from the beach by sending a landing craft full of riflemen, heavies, warriors, and tanks up the sand.

You can also help out in battle by firing artillery strikes from the safety of your ship.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach sneaked out onto the Canadian App Store over the weekend. We'll ask Supercell about its plans to release the game in other territories and let you know what we find out.

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