Pathogen is apparently inspired by the way an infection spreads through the human body.

It sounds gruesome, but this award-winning multiplayer strategy game is quite the opposite. In fact, it adopts the look of a clean, minimalist board game, and plays like a variant of Chess and Go.

The goal is to dominate the map by placing viruses in cells. These can then be upgraded, and expanded to convert nearby empty cells - and those occupied by the enemy - to your side.

Pathogen has a single player campaign, but you can also play with up to four other players locally or online. A selection of modes and maps are supplied to so you can experiment with different rules and play styles.

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A map editor allows you to take your experiments further by creating your own variations of Pathogen. You can also share your created maps with friends, and try them out online.

Pathogen launched today on the App Store [buy] and is available at £1.99 / $2.99. There's not an in-app purchase in sight, either.