Octagon's name may give you the impression that it's the unofficial successor to Super Hexagon, but it actually has more in common with the Gold Award-winning Boson X.

Octagon is the latest entry in the growing canon of minimalist dodge-'em-up arcade games. And, yes, you should expect lots of electronic beats and distorted colour vistas here.

By tapping the sides of the screen, you spin a tunnel riddled with gaps and jutting platforms. Trapped within this tunnel is a fast-moving octagon that you have to try and safeguard through each level.

Swiping upwards causes the octagon to be transported instantly to the ceiling. This is the trickiest gesture in the game and feels a little out-of-sync with the other tap-only controls. It may be that it just takes some getting used to, though.

If you were wondering, Octagon will be compatible with iOS 7 controllers. Once they hit the market, that is.

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Anyway. Your reactions need to be swift to get to the end of each level with the octagon intact. Although the levels are randomly generated, by the way, you can memorise hazards if you replay a level without exiting to the menu.

Octagon will be spinning onto the UK and US App Stores at around midnight with a price tag of £1.49 / $1.99.

If you're looking for a very challenging music-driven game for those cold winter nights, this is probably just right for you.