Chair has revealed what's inside tomorrow's first content pack for Bronze Award-winning monster slasher Infinity Blade III.

In the Soul Hunter expansion pack, you will find a new quest (playable as either Siris or Isa) in which you take on a new Deathless called Oslim. Unfortunately for you, Oslim wields two Infinity Blades. Kill him, though, and those blades are yours for Siris to use.

There will also be new armour sets in the Soul Hunter expansion, with fan favourite Vile available again for Siris. There will also be a Stealth outfit for Isa, which is apparently "modern looking". You will also be able to get a pumpkin helmet.

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Furthermore, you will be able to go on Explore Quests, where you can re-visit areas and quests you've already completed to bag more loot and find new secrets.

Potion, Gem, and Forge times have all been reduced. Oh, and you will be able to buy new slots for each so you can craft more things at the same time.

Chair has carried out a few tweaks and fixes under the bonnet, too, as you'd expect.

The Soul Hunter DLC will be available tomorrow on the App Store. It won't cost you a thing to download when it goes live.

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