Pokéfreaks rejoice! It looks like Game Freak has updated Pokémon X and Y to get rid of the save bug that's been corrupting people's progress.

We first reported on the bug on October 18th, when players started to notice that if they saved their game in Lumiose City, when they reloaded they'd be faced with a black screen and the eternal torment of knowing they'd lost everything.

The bug only seemed to mess up physical copies of the game bought in Europe, but Nintendo acknowledged there was a problem and set about doing something to fix it.

Gotta fix 'em all

That something became an update, which is available to download right now, and should hopefully fix the problem once and for all.

Which is good, because we really rather like the new Pokémon games, giving them a rare Platinum Award when we reviewed them, and saying that "Pokemon X and Y is the most important, expansive, exciting monster-battling title since the earlier days of the franchise."

With a bit of luck the rest of your Pokémon collecting career will be serene and unaffected by technical glitches.

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