Updated on October 18th, at 14:16: Nintendo has acknowledged the existence of this bug and says that it's working on a fix.

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If so, all well and good, but now we've got some news that you might not enjoy - there are reports of a game-breaking bug that will corrupt your save file if you save in Lumiose City.

The game appears to open normally when affected by the glitch, but once it loads you'll face a frozen (or blank) screen as the background music continues normally.

Reports of the bug are only coming in from Japan and Europe at the moment and - from what we can tell - it appears that they're limited to physical copies of the game. So you should be unaffected if you downloaded your copy or if you live in America (or Korea).

Still, it might be best to play it safe and avoid saving in Lumiose City all the same since it wouldn't be very fun to lose your save data.

A potential workaround

A reader on Nintendolife reports that the issue appears to be tied to interaction with the SD Card, and states that you should be able to save in a new location if you boot up the game after removing the SD card.

We're (thankfully) unaffected by the bug here at PG headquarters, so we can't test the solution ourselves. That said, it might be worth a try if you're getting locked up in Lumiose City.

Nintendo has yet to address or even acknowledge this bug, but we'll be sure to update this story as soon as it does.

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