You might call today 'Monday'.

Here at Pocket Gamer's specially designed tree house office complex, though, we call it by a different name. That name is "Salesday".

It might not catch on, and it might not make that much sense, but renaming days of the week is just the kind of crazy thing we do around here.

There is method behind our madness, mind. There's a whole heap of pretty damn good iOS games on sale right now, you see. Some of them are available for as little as free, so we figured we'd round them all up for you in one neat little package.

Don't say we never do anything for you. Or we'll just stop doing stuff for you.

Sky Tourist: Free [download]

Silver Award-winning puzzle-platformer in which you control two rockets at either side of the screen. The titular traveller dangles down from a chain connected to the rockets - you need to weave him through some tricky obstacles.

At review, we said that Sky Tourist is "fun, and while it won't tax either your digits or your brain too much, it offers enough interesting content to keep you playing for a long while".

Swordigo: Free [download]

Another Silver Award-winning game. This time, though, we're talking about an action-RPG-platformer that involves your waving a giant sword around in a quite dangerous manner. Get it quick, mind, because it'll be back up to full price soon.

At review, we called Swordigo "a likeable tribute to a genre now sadly out of vogue". We then added that it "provides a welcome helping of enjoyable action-RPG brilliance".

Level 22: £1.49 / $1.99 [buy]

A Bronze Award-winning stealth game in which you try to sneak past co-workers to get to your desk... with a hangover. Along the way, you uncover some pretty grim secrets about your employers.

When we reviewed Level 22, we called it "a well-formed stealth game with a novel everyday setting". We then noted that the game "is frequently frustrating but rarely dull".

Breach & Clear: £1.49 / $1.99 [buy]

Bronze Award-winning tactical shooter involving your leading some super-army soldiers through a series of tough missions, shooting bad guys, rescuing hostages, and speaking in jargon.

At review, we said that "this compelling and appealingly hard-edged strategy is a few tactical adjustments away from achieving its goals. Worth a look."

Monster Meltdown: Free [download]

A clever little puzzler in which you control Yuri, a Soviet-era janitor who needs to herd a bunch of monsters back into the cages out of which he's accidentally let them. Preferably without getting eaten in the process.

At review, we gave this game a Silver Award. "Fast-paced and full of Soviet-era chic, this novel puzzler is one Red Scare you don't want to miss."

Autumn Dynasty: £1.49 / $1.99 [buy]

Gorgeous-looking RTS set in feudal China in which you lead great armies into battle. Clever controls and pacing make it the perfect fit for strategic gaming on the go.

At review, we gave the game a Silver Award and called it "a feature-packed RTS that's smart, intuitive, and has the gameplay chops to back up its gorgeous looks."

House of Shadows: Free [download]

A Bronze Award-winning sneaky little horror game. In it, you attempt to break into a haunted mansion in order to free your sister from the hands of a dastardly witch.

At review, we said that "it's not the toughest game out there, but there's a lot to like about House of Shadows's approach to touchscreen stealth."

Smooth Operators: 69p / 99c [buy]

Here's one of those neat little sim games. In this one, you take control of a call centre empire. You need to balance the books; keep all your phones and computers working; and make sure your employees have somewhere to go to the toilet.

At review, we called the game "a twee and entertaining sim". We added that "Smooth Operators isn't perfect, but it's deep enough to satisfy the call centre-running urges of most".