You hadn't forgotten that Ed Key and David Kanaga's award-winning first-person exploration game Proteus is heading to Vita, had you?


Just to make sure, Key posted an update on the US PlayStation Blog earlier today with details of some of the unique features that have been added to the Vita and PS3 versions of Proteus.

The remix

"We've been adding new ways to engage with - and remix - the world," Key says.

"Previously, all Proteus islands were purely random, but on Vita, you can now choose to generate an island based on your current geographical location and on both platforms you can generate an island for the current date."

This means that you can go back to the same island if you are in a particular place. Or revisit that island on the same day.

"Both features have a chance of generating an especially 'wild' island with various tweaks and twists," Key notes. "The island at my house, for example, has weird purple sea, green sky in the evening, and some pleasant (but still very purple) inland lakes."


Key also revealed that Proteus players will use the Vita's back touchscreen to interact with the environment in a completely new way. No details on that yet, though.

Unfortunately, Key didn't confirm a concrete release date for Proteus on the Vita, though we are expecting it later this autumn. So, keep your fingers crossed.