How to unlock all the trophies in Proteus for the PS Vita

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How to unlock all the trophies in Proteus for the PS Vita
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Proteus is quite the unique video game experience. In fact, it's safe to say that you've never played anything like this before.

The PS Vita version of Proteus comes with a bunch of fun trophies to chase, that act as a sort of scavenger hunt to compliment the discovery experience.

You're only given vague clues as to what you need to do to grab the bronze, silver and gold awards, so just in case you're having trouble working out what the heck you're meant to be doing, we've come to the rescue.

Read on for all the details on how to achieve 100 percent of the trophies for Proteus.

Bronze PS Vita Trophy Silent and Void
There is a thing confusedly formed, Born before heaven and earth. Silent and void It stands alone and does not change, Goes round and does not weary. It is capable of being the mother of the world, But I know not its name.

Bronze PS Vita Trophy Turning Back
Turning back is how the way moves; Weakness is the means the way employs. The myriad creatures in the world are born from Something, and Something from Nothing.

Bronze PS Vita Trophy The Further One Goes
Without stirring abroad One can know the whole world. Without looking out of the window One can see the way of heaven. The further one goes The less one knows.

These three trophies are given to you for completing the game three times over from start to end. In case you're not sure how to complete the game, you need to wait until night time, then stand in the centre of the swirling while portal that appears.

This takes you to the next season. Simply repeat the process a couple more times, then when Winter rolls around, wait until the clouds begin to descend, then climb to the top of the mountain, and walk into the cloud. You'll float away and close your eyes.

Bronze PS Vita Trophy The Circular Ruins
Does it exist within the heart of a stone? Did I see it when I saw all things and then forget it?

You unlock this at night time. Find the circle of stones with the white spinning portal that makes time go forward quickly. However, instead of stepping into the middle as per usual, go close to the middle but not into the center.

After the time has flown by for a couple of minutes, the trophy will pop up in the corner.

Bronze PS Vita Trophy Lost Gods of Albion
We had strayed into some region where the frontiers of some unknown world lay close about us.

There are a bunch of different landmarks on the island, including a group of totems, a giant tree, a cabin, and a group of towers. Start by familiarizing yourself with their locations.

When Autumn rolls around, go and visit each one at night. Notable events should occur as you do so, such as the sky lighting up. After you've visited a few, the trophy will appear.

Bronze PS Vita Trophy The Hidden Door
We have to find the door, daddy.

This one centres around the island's towers - that is, the big, dark tree-trunk-like objects. If you walk into a tower, the screen will fade to white, and you'll appear at a different tower.

Do this a few times, and the trophy will eventually appear.

Silver PS Vita Trophy Beachcombing
To see a world in a grain of sand...

Simply stand on the beach and then walk around the entire circumference of the island, sticking to the beach all the way around.

Silver PS Vita Trophy Generall Historie of Plantes
If delight may provoke men's labour, what greater delight is there than to behold the earth apparelled with plants?

This one revolves around seeing every single plant and tree in the game. Note that each season gives you different flora and fauna to discover, so the best thing to do is just keep walking, walking, walking until you've spotted absolutely everything.

Silver PS Vita Trophy The Garden Of Forking Paths
I dreaded walking where there was no path. And pressed with cautious tread the meadow swath.

Remember the trophy about walking the entire beach? This one is about walking along all of the paths in a single playthrough. Take a stroll down every single path, including all the branching forks and paths, and the trophy will pop up.

Silver PS Vita Trophy Think Like a Mountain
With tranquility, the small goes and the great comes.

You need to do a lot of waiting around for this one. Climb to the top of the snowy mountain in the later seasons, and then just sit down and wait. Eventually the trophy will appear - you'll have to wait a good quarter of hour, mind.

Gold PS Vita Trophy Unraveling the Landscape
Some of these developed stone rows or processional walks that channelled the approach of both the dead and those wishing to commune with them.

This one can be tricky, hence the gold. You need to find all of the stone rows scattered around the island and touch them - but it's not that simple. They are all pointing towards the central stone circle, and you need to touch them while looking in the direction of the stone circle.

If you're not sure where the stone circle is, just spinning around at the stone rows and eventually they will make a noise to show you did it properly. Then go to the stone circle and touch all the stones there too.

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