Laser Dog will update its Silver Award-winning disc-flicking game PUK this Thursday, adding two new modes to its reaction-testing puzzler.

In the Shadow and Light update - as you might imagine from the title - Laser Dog will add Shadow mode and Light mode to the game, enabling you to tackle the quick-fire minimalist arcade blaster in a couple of different ways.

Light mode contains a smoother learning curve and doesn't have any boss battles, but it comes with a twist. As you play, the game gets steadily faster, leading to some frantic flicking as you try and make sure your pucks land in the right place before the clock ticks down.

Shadow flicking

Shadow mode, meanwhile, is hard as nails, with Laser Dog throwing boss levels at you early on and pitting you against some of the toughest PUK levels ever designed.

The original game is now just called Normal mode, by the way, and has been tweaked a little bit. Furthermore, there's a new soundtrack to accompany your puck-flicking escapades.

The Shadow and Light update will be available for PUK on the App Store and the Google Play Store this Thursday. The best news? It won't cost you a penny.

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