Back in March, we first heard that Playdek was teaming up with Magic 2013 publisher Wizards of the Coast on a Dungeons & Dragons boardgame for iOS.

Now, we know precisely which one.

Playdek revealed at the Gen Con gaming convention yesterday that it will be partnering up with Wizards of the Coast on Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep for iOS devices.

Playdek will reportedly replace the cubes of the physical Lords of Waterdeep boardgame with some sort of digital representation in its upcoming iOS adaptation.

Full roster

The Agricola developer will also integrate its usual roster of mobile boardgame features into Lords of Waterdeep, such as asynchronous play, AI battles, and multiple game support.

Playdek also confirmed that the Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport expansion will be available on iOS in early 2014.

Sorry, Android fans: there was no mention from the Playdek team of a 'droid version of Lords of Waterdeep.