Before DLC and exclusive content came along and 'ruined' things for everyone, pre-order bonuses were delightful bits of plastic junk for the discerning gamer to display on her mantelpiece.

And it looks like Nintendo and UK retailer GAME are attempting to re-ignite interest in those kitschy pre-order items via some early adopter bonuses for upcoming collect-'em-ups Pokemon X and Y.

If you pre-order these 3DS RPGs from GAME, you see, you'll receive your very own Pokeball game card carrier (which has space inside for three different 3DS games).

The game card carrier comes with a stand, but you can remove the carrier from its dock and run around pretending to be a Pokemon trainer to your heart's content. If you wish to.

There's probably room inside the card game carrier for a small pet, too. You know, if you want to get that authentic Pokemon experience. We would, of course, probably advise against doing that, mind.

The Pokeball pre-order bonus is exclusive to GAME, and - by the looks of things - exclusive to the UK. If you desperately want one of these game card carriers, you can get it from here.

All Games Beta [via Destructoid]

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