Are you bored of looking at the back of Guy Dangerous in Temple Run 2?

Do you have a burning desire to race around Imangi's crumbling jungle environments as a man called 'Zach'?

Well, bully for you, old bean, for Imangi has just answered both of your Temple Run 2-related prayers in the latest update to its Bronze Award-winning endless-runner.

So, yeah, you can now sprint through Imangi's ever-dangerous forests as conquistador Francisco Montoya, gridiron player Zach Wonder, and Indiana Jones-alike Montana Smith.

Tweaks as well

These three new playable characters will be familiar to fans of the first Temple Run. That's because they all starred in that instalment.

So, they're not 'new new'; they're just new. New-ish.

In this latest update, Imangi has also carried out some tweaks and performance fixes. Oh, and it's introduced a more useful pause menu for quick access to player stats and other information.

Version 1.3 of Temple Run 2 is now available on the Google Play Store [download] and the App Store [download].

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