There's a reason why many Java games stick firmly to the realms of 2D entertainment over exploring that third dimension: it just doesn't work.

In Treasure Trove 3D you'll explore muddy and murky jungle worlds in search of lost ancient treasure. It's all very Tomb Raider in nature, even casting you in the shoes of a gun-toting, female treasure hunter known as Riba.

It's a shame, then, that it's closer to a watching paint dry in both execution and excitement.

Three-dimensional fury

The 3D environments are an eyesore, with low-resolution environments and almost unidentifiable enemies blurred out of existence roaming – what is supposed to be – a jungle.

If that weren't enough, movement is jerky and it's near impossible to tell if you're aiming the right way due to a camera that seems hell bent on getting stuck on scenery or ogling Riba's pyramidal mammaries.

While it may have seven levels for you to solve puzzles in and work your way through in search of treasure, you'll have a hard time playing any more than a couple of minutes before you give up and wonder exactly what you've put yourself through.