Burrito Bison developer Juicy Beast is bringing a new endless-runner called Knightmare Tower to the App Store, on August 1st.

Now, you might have already heard of Knightmare Tower. It was previously a Flash game, and recently featured in Mark's recently published list of the 10 best games to be released on the Android-powered Ouya console so far.

Anyway. In this upcoming title, you take on the role of a brave knight, who's charged with reaching the top of tower and rescuing some distressed damsels.

As you can see for yourself in the video below, you do this by jumping on the heads on enemies, which come in various shapes and sizes. Some will even damage you if you're not careful.

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This smartphone and tablet version of Knightmare Tower will feature tilt- and tap-based controls.

So, you'll move your on-screen hero around your device's screen by tilting your iPhone and iPad in the direction you want him to move, and instruct him to bounce off an enemy noggin with a simple tap of your screen. Simple.

Knightmare Tower will hit the App Store on August 1st.

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