Telltale Games producer Kirsten Kennedy has announced details on the EU PlayStation Blog of The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a new DLC episode for Telltale's multi-award-winning point-and-click adventure series The Walking Dead: The Game.

The DLC follows five completely new characters as they attempt to survive during - surprise, surprise - the first 400 days of the worldwide outbreak.

Each character has a unique story, which you can play through in any order. Details of these stories are pretty non-existent, but we do know that they're all centered on an abandoned truck stop somewhere on the Georgia highway.

According to Kennedy, any decisions you made in Season 1 of The Walking Dead: The Game will affect moments of this DLC episode.

Similarly, the choices you make in 400 Days will have an impact on Season 2 and any other standalone episodes that are released.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is heading to the PS Vita alongside Season 1 in July. It will feature two different control schemes: physical and touch.

400 Days will be released on iOS, too.

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