Good news, PS Vita fans: it looks like OrangePixel's Silver Award-winning action-platformer Gunslugs is making its way over to Sony's powerhouse portable.

"Just signed an awesome agreement! Small Gunslugs salute to @shahidkamal for making it happen ;)," OrangePixel's Pascal Bestebroer tweeted early this morning.

"Gunslugs. You asked," Shahid Kamal Ahmad, SCEE's senior business development manager, tweeted a couple of moments later.

Pretty much says it all, right?

OrangePixel is renowned for making tough games, and Gunslugs is no different. In it, you are pitted against flame-throwing grunts, screen-high mechs, and - rather strangely - giant floating skulls.

At review, we called the iOS and Android version of Gunslugs "a fun, frenetic, and feature-packed tribute to the run-and-gun arcade shooters of yesteryear."

We'll let you know about a release date for the Vita version of Gunslugs as soon as we have more info to share with you.


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