Do you remember that gritty, grid-based RTS game C-Wars that we found on Kickstarter a few weeks back?

If so, you'll be happy to read that C-Wars just passed the $65,535 threshold and will now be released for the PS Vita and 3DS, in addition to Android tablets.

Actually, it would have come out for the 3DS anyway as Onipunks recently said in an interview with 4CR - but the news of a Vita release is certainly encouraging for the Sony faithful.

To the moon

C-Wars has grown beyond its original scope following the success of its Kickstarter campaign.

In the new All-Star mode, for example, players will be able to recruit Esmy from Cryamore or Shovel Knight from, er, Shovel Knight into their ranks and use them in battle while the Survival mode will put a player's mastery of C-Wars' unique combat system to the test.

Unfortunately, with only three days of fundraising left it appears that the distant goals of a Wii U or iOS port will remain out of reach for C-Wars for the moment - but there's always a chance that they'll pop up later based on the reception of the Android, Vita, and 3DS versions (to say nothing of its PC, Mac, and Linux releases).