We really have to be careful for what we wish for around here.

Back in July, we mentioned that we wanted Joshua Nuernberger's sci-fi adventure game Gemini Rue on our iPhones and iPads.

Now, it seems we'll be getting our wish - Wadjet Eye Games announced that Gemini Rue is coming to the App Store this spring.

Details on the release are still slim, but we've been assured that the interface has been tweaked to assure "maximum comfort" on iOS devices, while the gritty, sci-fi/noir narrative will remain blissfully unaltered.

You won't rue this day

In Gemini Rue, players follow the story of Azriel Odin - a former assassin turned law enforcer who is looking for his brother Nathaniel.

As Odin searches for clues, the standard detective novel romance, intrigue, and orbiting spacecraft inevitably follow. Oh dear, did we forget to mention that this story is set in the 23rd century in another solar system?

We don't have a firm release date for the iOS release of Gemini Rue yet, but we'll be sure to follow news of the release closely and keep you updated with new details as they become available.

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