Don't be alarmed if you hear your friends bragging about a new virus they've loaded onto their Vitas or PlayStation Mobile devices this summer, so long as the virus in question is A Virus Named Tom.

The quirky indie puzzle game follows the story of TOM, a computer virus created by the brilliant but twisted mind of Dr. X who unleashes his cyberweapon of revenge on the company that fired him.

TOM is a nothing if not a resourceful virus, and he'll rely on your intelligence to help him dodge antivirus drones and infect larger and more complicated systems.

Potential threat detected

A Virus Named Tom offers 50 single-player levels spread out amongst six distinct game worlds, but it also features a robust 50 levels of cooperative multiplayer maps for you to infect with up to three friends.

If teamwork isn't your thing, you can also square off against friends in Battle Mode to see who's the most infectious virus of them all.

There's no word yet on when exactly A Virus Named Tom will come to the Vita and PlayStation Mobile certified devices, but Joystiq reports that it should be released this summer.

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