Astral projection is a skill that many of us would love to have.

There's no better way to peak around corners (and scare your friends silly) than sending a floating, blue projection of yourself through walls, after all.

The upcoming horror-themed puzzler Whispering Willows lets you astral project to your heart's content as you take control of the young heroine Elena who is a gifted medium on a mission.

Droidgamers reports that details of the game are a bit sparse at the moment, so we're not sure if Elena's been sent to - or is trapped in - the Willow Mansion, but we know that she's looking to unravel the mysterious past of the manor's former owner, Wortham Willows.

Ready, set, ghost!

The storyline of Whispering Willows unfolds as Elena discovers old notes and diaries scattered about the floors of the mansion.

In her astral form, Elena can also communicate with ghosts who are eager to share some information with those who will listen.

Tension in Whispering Willows is built by its graphics and soundtrack alike, with composer Steve Goldshein delivering a chilling soundtrack to compliment the game's dark atmosphere. Joining Goldshein is vocalist Casey Williams who some might recognize from her work on Red vs. Blue.

Whispering Willows has been entered into the OUYA CREATE developer contest and will come out for the Android home console regardless of whether or not it wins. After coming to Ouya, it will launch for PC, Mac, and "mobile devices" later in the year.

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