Canabalt developer Semi Secret Software and Mikengreg's Greg Wohlwend have collaborated on a new iPhone and iPad title called Hundreds, which you'll be able to play from January 3rd.

Hundreds is a rather minimalistic puzzle game that boasts a simple red, black, and grey colour scheme. In the game, you're tasked with tapping a variety of on-screen circles until they grow to become a target size.

There's a catch, though. A circle can't touch another circle while it's expanding, you see, so you have to time your touches and use multiple fingers (or recruit a friend) to ensure that there are no on-screen collisions.

It's probably pretty safe to assume that this upcoming game will be rock hard.

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That's about all we know. There's a short trailer above this paragraph but it doesn't really give much away.

Semi Secret Software showed off Hundreds earlier this year at GDC, but the developer has added a whole new mode, some additional puzzles, and another coat of paint to the mix since then.

Keep your eyes peeled for Hundreds in the first week of January.