Hot Sauce Interactive is a London-based indie games and apps developer. Nothing particularly unusual there.

If I was to say that Hot Sauce Interactive is closely aligned with controversial radio presenter, TV chat show host, and hardened Nintendo fan Jonathan Ross, though, that might pique your interest.

Anyway, Hot Sauce Interactive and Mr Ross have just launched a new iPhone and iPad title called Catcha Catcha Aliens! (Reggie won't be happy.)

In this colourful 69p / 99c title, you blast off into the farthest reaches of outer space and visit faraway planets that are infested with nasty alien invaders.

Your aim as an interplanetary "Catcha", then, is to grab the little buggers and send them packing before they cause too much trouble.

Catcha Catcha Aliens! contains three unique planets, 45 different stages (all of which feature three mini challenges), and two playable characters (who are voiced by Mr Ross and V for Vendetta actor Stephen Fry).

Hot Sauce has promised to introduce additional planets, levels, and characters into the game in future updates.