We love Christmas. It's the only time of the year we can stuff our faces with mince pies and drink copious amounts of booze without feeling guilty.

Well, not as guilty as we normally would.

That's not the best thing about Christmas, though. You see, it's now become common practice for game developers to release festive-themed updates for their iPhone, iPad, and Android apps every December.

We've just spent a few minutes scouring the App Store and Google Play in search of these updates. We'll add more to the list below as we find them.

Think of this article as our Christmas gift to you. No problem.

Angry Birds Seasons (iPhone, iPad, Android)

This Winter Wonderham update features 25 all-new levels set in a chilly snow-covered wonderland under the aurora borealis.

Just like last year, these stages are hidden behind doors on a giant pig-filled advent calendar. Each day, you're allowed to open a door and play the level behind it.

Tiny Tower (iPhone, iPad, Android)

You can now add holiday-themed apartments and other floors to your ever-growing tower in NimbleBit's build-'em-up.

You can also watch as pixel-art Santa and his elves drop by to use your spa and other facilities.

Furthermore, you'll notice that Tiny Tower's Facebook-like BitBook will be filled with Christmassy status updates and references.

Subway Surfers (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

This Subway Surfers update includes a new stage - Snowy Winter Wonderland - several new boards, and a new Elf Tricky character.

The game's developer, Kiloo, has also taken this opportunity to add support for the iPhone 5's and fifth-gen iPod touch's 4-inch Retina display.

Scribblenauts Remix (iPhone, iPad)

With this fairly small Xmas-themed update, the game's creator has refreshed the game's App Store icon and added a new winter playground to proceedings.

There's also a "Goodie and Baddies" avatar pack, but that's about it.

The Big Big Castle! (iPad)

Your mission in this Christmas-themed update is to erect 100ft, 500ft, and 1,000ft forts using tasty gingerbread, presents, and candy canes (rather than stone and other 'traditional' building materials).

What could possibly go wrong?

The Simpsons: Tapped Out (iPhone, iPad)

It's time to turn Springfield into a festive wonderland.

This update introduces limited-edition characters like Santa Homer; new buildings such as Santa's Village; and plenty of sparkly lights and decorations.

You know, Christmas trees and kiddie rides, and that sort of thing.

Rayman Jungle Run (iPhone, iPad)

French publisher Ubisoft has decided that you all deserve a gift this year. Yeah, even you, you naughty boy. It's updated its excellent auto-run platformer with ten new levels.

A new playable character called Globox has also been added.

Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster (iPhone, iPad)

Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster now features eight Christmas-themed tracks that contain icy loops, snowmen, massive frost-covered jumps, and more.

You can also enjoy new weather effects, including fierce snowstorms.

Wimp: Who Stole My Pants? (iPhone, iPad)

Flexile Studio has added a new world and 20 frosty levels to its Gold Award-winning platformer. These levels introduce new character mechanics and a fresh boss.

Other additions include Facebook integration and a wardrobe full of stylish clothes.

Dream of Pixels (iPhone, iPad)

Dawn of Play's Silver Award-winning puzzler Dream of Pixels has also been updated for this fine festive season. It now features a new classic skin that will automatically activate on the big day.

Pictorial HD (iPhone, iPad)

Puzzler Pictorial HD now boasts 36 new Christmas-themed levels, which we presume feature trees, fairies, lights, and other holiday items.

Where's My Perry? (iPhone, iPad, Android)

This colourful Bronze Award-winning puzzler is now packed with hidden festive items. There may even be a new level for you to unwrap.

Dead Trigger (iPhone, iPad, Android)

There's nothing more Christmassy than a zombie Santa, eh. Oh, and we all know the one present little Jimmy dreams of finding in his stocking is a shiny new grenade launcher.

Both the undead St Nick and the aforementioned military-grade weapon are now included in the Bronze Award-winning shooter Dead Trigger. Enjoy.

Animal Legends (iPhone, iPad)

Appy Entertainment is dishing out daily gifts in its city-building RPG, but most of the other new features in its Christmas update are less seasonal.

Unless, of course, you consider "Berserker Hippos in gladiator armour" as Christmassy as turkey, presents, and tinsel.

Critter Escape (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Critter Escape is all wrapped up and ready for Christmas. Each of its levels is now packed with snow, gift boxes, and plenty of other Xmas-themed goodies.

You can even get your mitts on a Santa hat.

Spice Bandits (iPhone, iPad)

Spice Bandits now features five holiday-themed costumes and a new five-map campaign that takes place on a mysterious iceberg between North America and Europe.

Your aim? To steal lots of presents, of course.