Updated on October 19th, at 11:00: EA has sent us a statement regarding Theme Park's outage.

The publisher said it was aware of the technical issue, and "in an effort to contain the problem, we temporarily took the game offline which allowed the team time to rectify the issue."

"After investigation, we have now re-opened all parks by resetting gameplay to this past Sunday October 14th before the problem arose." So, you'll have lost a few days' worth of progress.

To make amends, EA is giving away 29 free super tickets. You'll need to enter the store, hit "Tap here for free super tickets", and then click the link for 29 tickets. Those are worth just over £1.49.

Original story follows...

Yesterday, all of the rides in the iOS version of EA's Theme Park broke down.

It looks like the mechanics have managed to get them up and running again, though the California-based company's park is now facing additional problems.

According to several gamers (who've vented their anger via Twitter posts and App Store reviews - see below), their Theme Park progress has been completely wiped.

Basically, their rides and attractions (including premium items they've spent real-world cash on) are nowhere to be found. Bummer.

It's currently unclear whether or not EA will be able to restore every gamer's profile. If not, the company might offer compensation to those affected, such as premium cash and items.

We've emailed EA for an official statement on the matter.

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