In the next Sonic & All-Stars Racing game, the spiky blue hedgehog could go head-to-head with characters like Dante from Devil May Cry, or Siegfried from Soul Calibur.

That is, if Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed design director Gareth Wilson gets his way.

He told Pocket Gamer that he'd "like to approach a couple of the other publishers and ask them if we'd be able to use some of their characters at some point".

His dream team includes the pugilists from Capcom's Final Fight, one of the guys from Devil May Cry, and Siegfried of Namco's Soul Calibur (who "could have a car made of plate armour".)

Pedal to the metal

The cartoon racing series has already made the first step towards welcoming outside talent.

The upcoming 3DS and Vita game features Disney hero Wreck-It Ralph and real-life NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, alongside a roster of Sega-made characters like Gilius Thunderhead, Ulala, and Metal Sonic.

"There's loads of stuff we could do and in the future we might do," Wilson teased.

If he's taking requests, we'd like to see Viewtiful Joe and Mega Man get behind the wheel, thank you.

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