Nintendo released some great news for block-puzzle fans during its mid-week Nintendo Direct presentation: Pullblox is set to receive a sequel.

The newly announced game Fallblox is a thematic sequel to the Pocket Gamer Platinum Award-winning Pullblox (or Pushmo, as it's known in the US) and will continue the tradition of block pulling excellence.

Rather than simply pull blocks from the background, however, Fallblox allows players to push and pull blocks in any direction.

As in the real world, if load-bearing blocks are pulled from the bottom of a structure it will cause the blocks above it to fall. This adds a great bit of variety and challenge to the already excellent gameplay of Pullblox.

Nintendo did not reveal a firm release date for Fallblox in Europe, but North American 3DS owners can look for it in the eShop – titled as Crashmo – starting November 22nd.

Falling blocks, falling prices

While Nintendo also failed to mention a price for Fallblox, it is placing the original Pullblox on sale in the European eShop as part of a special, three-week long sale event.

Starting October 4th, players can pick up Pullblox at a discounted price.

One week later, on October 11th, Colors 3D! will take its place as the discounted title, and finally on October 18th Potzol's Puzzle will be placed on sale as well.