The post-apocalyptic 2D driving game Earn to Die strands players in the middle of a desert and puts them behind the wheel of a fleet of automobiles that all look like they can put a serious hurting to a horde of zombies.

This is rather convenient, as the goal of Earn to Die is to smash through legions of the restless dead and environmental obstacles so you can reach a military airfield in time for an evacuation.

Unlike many racing games, you won't earn points for finesse or sharp turns but you will earn points for flattening zombies with the front grill of a school bus.

Flash boom bang

Earn to Die began its life as a Flash game on the gaming portal site After accruing over 150 million online plays, NotDoppler decided to bring Earn to Die over to the world of mobile gaming.

The iOS version of Earn to Die is not just a simple port, however. It is a larger and improved version of the original Flash game that features new levels, vehicles, and zombies.

As players progress through Earn to Die, they will have the opportunity to unlock and upgrade their vehicles. Refreshingly, this is all handled through in-game currency and NotDoppler has stated that they are no in-purchases of any kind in the game.

Earn to Die will come to the App Store on Thursday, September 20th for the price of 69p / 99c.

For £1.99/$2.99, players can download the HD version for the iPad that features retina support.

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