German studio HandyGames has just added Immersion's Haptic Development Platform to the Android versions of Bulldozer, Guns'n'Glory WW2, and Farm Invasion, which means they now boast touch feedback.

"Our customers know that HandyGames's [games] are action-packed, addictive, and immensely fun. We're constantly evaluating new technologies that make our user experience even better," Markus Kassulke, HandyGames's CEO, said.

"Haptic technology makes perfect sense for us, because it is a great way to make the action more realistic and the game play more engaging.

"Considering how easy the Immersion SDK is to integrate and how well-designed the effect library is, I certainly expect more titles from HandyGames to come out with Immersion haptics."

In case you don't know, this technology uses small vibrations to provide tactile feedback as you play. It'll create the illusion that a pinball is crashing around the inside of your phone, for example.

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