HandyGames on the hunt for 2D game artist, game designer

Fancy moving to Bavaria?

HandyGames on the hunt for 2D game artist, game designer
| HandyGames news

With a hand in notable free-to-play hits across Android and iOS, German studio HandyGames has announced it is on the hunt for new talent, opening up positions at its office in Bavaria, Germany.

The studio is currently seeking a 2D game artist to – in the firm's own words – help create "the next generation" of mobile games with its existing team.

An eye for artistry

"As a member of one of our development teams, you will be working with a group of talented, passionate people to create the next generation of HandyGames mobile game titles," details the job description in full.

Those looking to apply, HandyGames claims, will need a strong background in sketching, drawing and illustration, experience with 2D in-game graphics, animation and UI artwork, and high proficiency with Photoshop, Painter or equivalent 2D paint programs.

The firm also wants candidates to be able to create art assets in a diverse range of artwork styles, and good writing and communication in either English or German.

Different by design?

Additionally, HandyGames is also seeking a game designer to work from the same base.

The winning candidate will be "responsible for developing new game concepts, designing and balancing game mechanics, creating maps/levels, writing game text and guiding the implementation of the game concept from initial documentation through testing."

Skills required include two or more years of professional game design experience or a university degree in the field, and a "strong ability to generate novel game concepts, to flesh them out and to develop them into compelling and fun gameplay experiences."

More details on both jobs – which will operate out of the town of Giebelstadt – can be found on the jobs board, along with a wealth of other positions at other publishers and developers.