With the London Olympics kicking off in just over a month's time, it's safe to say that Olympic fever has taken hold in the UK.

You know it's bad when thousands skip work just to watch someone running along the road with a giant Zippo lighter in their hand.

Brave Game Studios believe they have the cure for such a condition with Retro Olympics [download], which has just launched on the Google Play store for free.

Get set

As the name suggests, Retro Olympics captures the spirit of the button-mashing (and joystick-waggling) athletics games that used to be so popular in the late eighties and early nineties.

This translates to six popular events - 100 meter sprint, long jump, hurdles, javelin, swimming and weight lifting.

All can be completed by furiously tapping two virtual buttons alternately, followed by the press of a third button at key points (to breath in swimming, or to jump the hurdles for example).


Of course, while each is simple to play, it's a matter of doing it as quickly as possible. You can compete against pre-set medal marks in both Single Event and Championship modes.

All this is presented in a lovingly retro pixel-art style (complete with bleepy soundtrack) that takes us back to waggling our joysticks in our bedrooms all those years ago.